Didn’t get the job? Could it be your name?

It’s a difficult and little-discussed issue for many people on the hunt for work: What if the one essential on every resume and a symbol of your identity is hurting your prospects of landing a position?

A funny thing happened to Rajiv Prasad when he invented an alter-ego named Roger Pritchard — prospective employers responded to his job applications.

It was the mid-1990’s and, despite having a university degree and work experience in the high-tech sector, Mr. Prasad was having a hard time finding a job in a slumping Ottawa economy. So he tried an unusual experiment.

Curious about whether his Indian name was hindering his employment prospects, Mr. Prasad responded to five job postings with two versions of his resume. The only difference between them was the name at the top. One listed Mr. Prasad’s real name and the other listed a “white alias” named Roger Pritchard.

Read more in the Globe and Mail story (pdf version)


One thought on “Didn’t get the job? Could it be your name?

  1. Ugh… it’s very disappointing that people are still so prejudiced today. You’d think we’d be making more progress by now.

    Thanks for sharing and bringing light to this issue.

    – Segan

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