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Jeff interviews Litecoin creator Charlie Lee at the Wharton School of Business (April, ’19)

Interview with Coinbase CEO at San Francisco’s WingTip Lounge (March, ’19)

Pro Publica and others cite Jeff’s Fortune feature exposing how photo apps secretly train facial recognition (March, ’19)

The FT cites Jeff’s profile of Coinbase (10/3)

The Wall Street Journal cites Jeff’s story on Google and Blockchain (7/24)

Jeff and the Ledger team to co-chair Brainstorm Finance in the Hamptons

Jeff’s interview with Ripple’s CEO at CB insights is reported by Yahoo (6/21)

Cheddar TV talks to Jeff at the NYSE about Coinbase’s hiring spree (4/12)

Jeff hosts a panel on Blockchain investments at Wharton Business School (4/6)

New York Times links to Jeff’s scoop on facial recognition (3/13)

Jeff’s blockchain work receives “Best in Business 2017” honor from SABEW (March)

On ICO TV to talk about Ripple-MoneyGram tie-up (1/15)

On Cheddar to discuss Ripple and crytpo-currency (1/11)

On NBC (WHEC) TV to discuss rumors about Amazon’s second headquarters (1/8)

Jeff’s crypto coverage is repeatedly cited by influential tech site Techmeme (Dec-Jan)

Celebrity investor Mark Cuban retweets Jeff’s story about new blockchain tech (8/26/17)

Jeff launches a new franchise at Fortune called The Ledger (8/22/17)

McGill Law profiles Jeff (8/7)

NPR, The Guardian and The Verge cites Jeff’s scoop on a $100M theft at Google and Facebook (7/17/17)

Jeff and editor Adam Lashinsky write the cover story on hacking for Fortune (6/22)

Cheddar Live invites Jeff to discuss Uber criminal investigation (5/5/2017)

BBC World Service talks to Jeff about a Netflix hacker (5/1/17)

The Guardian, BBC and CNBC cite Jeff’s scoop on a $100M phishing fraud (4/28/17)

Jeff talks fake news with CNN’s Brian Stelter and NYT’s Cynthia Collins at the WOMMA Summit (4/27/17)

Jeff discusses privacy class actions on Tech News Today (4/5/17)

SCOTUblog cites Jeff’s “Plain English guide” to landmark patent case (3/21/17)

Harvard’s Niemen Lab reports on Jeff’s research on journalism schools and law (1/10/17)

NY Post quotes Jeff’s story on Trump and hacking (1/4/17)

MediaREDEF shares Fortune feature on NYC’s crime lab (11/16/16)

SCOTUSblog lead item is Jeff’s analysis of the Court under Trump (6/14/16)

SCOTUSblog cites analysis of a Google link in a Supreme Court decision (6/23/16)

NYT Supreme Court reporter Adam Liptak tweets Jeff on SCOTUS citation (6/22/16)

Jeff talks ticket bots on NPR affiliate KPCC’s The Frame (6/10/16)

Supreme Court brief  (p. 50) cites Fortune story on design patents (6/1/16)

Hulk Hogan and Gawker – Jeff debates news vs privacy on KPCC Public Radio (3/10/16)

SuperBowl copyright and Apple patents – Jeff on Tech News Today (2/5/16)

Argentine newspaper La Nacion cites Jeff on Canada’s “Trudeaumania” (1/26/16)

Scoop on Wal-Mart’s use of facial recognition cited by Slate, DailyMail and Consumerist

SCOTUSblog cites analysis of Supreme Court licensing decision (8/13/15)

Sen. Chuck Schumer talks to Jeff about gun control and patents, Fortune Video (8/3/15)

FCC pulls the trigger on net neutrality – Jeff’s analysis on Tech News Today (2/3/15)

Washington Post cites Jeff’s story on revenge porn crackdown (1/30/15)

Jeff discusses the Sony hacks on PBS MediaShift (12/18/14)

Jeff presents his research on Twitter at the IP Scholars Conference in Berkeley (8/8/14)

Marketplace interviews Jeff about the Apple ebook settlement (7/17/14)

Jeff speaks to Al Jazeera about EU and Google (5/30/14)

Senator John Cornyn (R-Tx) tweets Jeff’s story on patent reform (5/16/14)

BBC World Service speaks to Jeff about Aereo at the Supreme Court (4/22/14)

Jeff speaks to Al Jazeera (at 2 min mark) about Aereo (4/22/14)

New York Times media writer David Carr tweets Jeff’s Aereo analysis (4/15/14)

HuffPost Live political segment on Google and drones (4/15/14)

Jeff hosts YouTube Hangout with US Senator Chuck Schumer on patent reform (3/14/14)

The Wall Street Journal quotes Jeff’s investigation into Facebook class action settlements (11/13/13)

The Huffington Post: live interview on Google Books fair use decision (11/13/13)

CNBC Street Sense: on European reaction to surveillance by US tech companies (10/13/13)

Dublin Web Summit: Jeff hosted two panels on data and advertising at Europe’s largest tech summit (10/13/13)

Fox Business: on ABC’s plan to stream TV to mobile devices (5/13/13)

Fox Business: on storing personal information in the cloud (4/13/13)

CBC Radio‘s The Current: interview about branded content and native advertising (3/13/13)

SXSW: panel appearance on copyright at America’s best-known tech summit (3/13/13)

This Week in Law: on Apple court cases and Google privacy (6/12/12)

NPR’s On the Media: “Who owns your image when you die?” – re Steve Jobs death (01/12/12)