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The FT cites Jeff’s profile of Coinbase (10/3)

The Wall Street Journal cites Jeff’s story on Google and Blockchain (7/24)

Jeff and the Ledger team to co-chair Brainstorm Finance in the Hamptons

Jeff’s interview with Ripple’s CEO at CB insights is reported by Yahoo (6/21)

Cheddar TV talks to Jeff at the NYSE about Coinbase’s hiring spree (4/12)

Jeff hosts a panel on Blockchain investments at Wharton Business School (4/6)

New York Times links to Jeff’s scoop on facial recognition (3/13)

Jeff’s blockchain work receives “Best in Business 2017” honor from SABEW (March)

On ICO TV to talk about Ripple-MoneyGram tie-up (1/15)

On Cheddar to discuss Ripple and crytpo-currency (1/11)

On NBC (WHEC) TV to discuss rumors about Amazon’s second headquarters (1/8)

Jeff’s crypto coverage is repeatedly cited by influential tech site Techmeme (Dec-Jan)

Celebrity investor Mark Cuban retweets Jeff’s story about new blockchain tech (8/26/17)

Jeff launches a new franchise at Fortune called The Ledger (8/22/17)

McGill Law profiles Jeff (8/7)

NPR, The Guardian and The Verge cites Jeff’s scoop on a $100M theft at Google and Facebook (7/17/17)

Jeff and editor Adam Lashinsky write the cover story on hacking for Fortune (6/22)

Cheddar Live invites Jeff to discuss Uber criminal investigation (5/5/2017)

BBC World Service talks to Jeff about a Netflix hacker (5/1/17)

The Guardian, BBC and CNBC cite Jeff’s scoop on a $100M phishing fraud (4/28/17)

Jeff talks fake news with CNN’s Brian Stelter and NYT’s Cynthia Collins at the WOMMA Summit (4/27/17)

Jeff discusses privacy class actions on Tech News Today (4/5/17)

SCOTUblog cites Jeff’s “Plain English guide” to landmark patent case (3/21/17)

Harvard’s Niemen Lab reports on Jeff’s research on journalism schools and law (1/10/17)

NY Post quotes Jeff’s story on Trump and hacking (1/4/17)

MediaREDEF shares Fortune feature on NYC’s crime lab (11/16/16)

SCOTUSblog lead item is Jeff’s analysis of the Court under Trump (6/14/16)

SCOTUSblog cites analysis of a Google link in a Supreme Court decision (6/23/16)

NYT Supreme Court reporter Adam Liptak tweets Jeff on SCOTUS citation (6/22/16)

Jeff talks ticket bots on NPR affiliate KPCC’s The Frame (6/10/16)

Supreme Court brief  (p. 50) cites Fortune story on design patents (6/1/16)

Hulk Hogan and Gawker – Jeff debates news vs privacy on KPCC Public Radio (3/10/16)

SuperBowl copyright and Apple patents – Jeff on Tech News Today (2/5/16)

Argentine newspaper La Nacion cites Jeff on Canada’s “Trudeaumania” (1/26/16)

Scoop on Wal-Mart’s use of facial recognition cited by Slate, DailyMail and Consumerist

SCOTUSblog cites analysis of Supreme Court licensing decision (8/13/15)

Sen. Chuck Schumer talks to Jeff about gun control and patents, Fortune Video (8/3/15)

FCC pulls the trigger on net neutrality – Jeff’s analysis on Tech News Today (2/3/15)

Washington Post cites Jeff’s story on revenge porn crackdown (1/30/15)

Jeff discusses the Sony hacks on PBS MediaShift (12/18/14)

Jeff presents his research on Twitter at the IP Scholars Conference in Berkeley (8/8/14)

Marketplace interviews Jeff about the Apple ebook settlement (7/17/14)

Jeff speaks to Al Jazeera about EU and Google (5/30/14)

Senator John Cornyn (R-Tx) tweets Jeff’s story on patent reform (5/16/14)

BBC World Service speaks to Jeff about Aereo at the Supreme Court (4/22/14)

Jeff speaks to Al Jazeera (at 2 min mark) about Aereo (4/22/14)

New York Times media writer David Carr tweets Jeff’s Aereo analysis (4/15/14)

HuffPost Live political segment on Google and drones (4/15/14)

Jeff hosts YouTube Hangout with US Senator Chuck Schumer on patent reform (3/14/14)

The Wall Street Journal quotes Jeff’s investigation into Facebook class action settlements (11/13/13)

The Huffington Post: live interview on Google Books fair use decision (11/13/13)

CNBC Street Sense: on European reaction to surveillance by US tech companies (10/13/13)

Dublin Web Summit: Jeff hosted two panels on data and advertising at Europe’s largest tech summit (10/13/13)

Fox Business: on ABC’s plan to stream TV to mobile devices (5/13/13)

Fox Business: on storing personal information in the cloud (4/13/13)

CBC Radio‘s The Current: interview about branded content and native advertising (3/13/13)

SXSW: panel appearance on copyright at America’s best-known tech summit (3/13/13)

This Week in Law: on Apple court cases and Google privacy (6/12/12)

NPR’s On the Media: “Who owns your image when you die?” – re Steve Jobs death (01/12/12)