Samples of news, feature journalism and other writing.

Recent Fortune writing

“An Ageless VC Makes a Splash With Startups” (profile of Greycroft Partners)
Only 802 People Told the IRS about Bitcoin” (scoop about digital currency)

On law and privacy

“Facebook and Google Were Victims of $100M Payment Scam”

A scoop that uncovered the identity of the tech companies at the center or a mysterious Department of Justice case, and raised questions about when companies must tell their investors about cyber breaches. (Fortune)

“Banks are Using Biometrics to Detect Scammers”

A look at powerful (and scary) new technology that can monitor your blood and body heat. Published in the March issue of Fortune magazine.

“The U.S. vs Apple: Does the FBI Have a Case?”

A careful breakdown of the legal issues in the explosive tech case. Published in Fortune.

“Wal-Mart’s Use of Sci-Fi Tech to Spot Shoplifters Raises Privacy Questions”

A scoop that reveals Wal-Mart’s clandestine use of facial recognition technology. Published in Fortune.

“Google, gag orders and Wikileaks: who’s lying?”

What’s behind a mysterious dispute between the FBI and Wikileaks. Published in Gigaom.

“Why privacy settlements like Facebook’s “Sponsored Stories” lawsuit aren’t working”

(A look at how the class action process fans privacy hysteria but doesn’t provide money or a say in the process. Published in Gigaom and cited in the Wall Street Journal.)

“A new U.S. law enforcement tool: Facebook searches”

(An early look at how Facebook came to be a part of investigations by the FBI and other federal agencies. Published in Reuters).

On technology

“Uber Driver Refuses To Pick Up Woman in Labor, Charges Her $13”

A driver stranded a woman in labor stranded on a New York City sidewalk. A scoop that raises question of how civil rights law should apply to tech companies. (Fortune)

“Tech’s push to disrupt workers is a legal and social time bomb”

(A look at trap doors of the “on-demand” start-up economy. Published in Gigaom)

“Bitcoin’s Open Air Trading Floor”

(A visit to “Satoshi Square” in New York City’s Union Square where bankers and dreamers throw down thousands to buy digital currency. Published in Gigaom and BusinessWeek)

“Inside Aereo: new photos of the tech that’s changing how we watch TV”

(The first photos to be published inside a company that’s shaking up TV viewing and copyright law. Published in Gigaom)

“Apple iOS font is beautiful as typeface, totally sucks as an interface”

(Famous font designer Erik Spiekermann explains how Apple blew it. Published in Gigaom)

On media and advertising

“Tech firms take on role of newsrooms but flinch from fighting for the public interest”

(A look at who is paying for public interest litigation. Published in Gigaom)

“How Justin Smith remakes media companies”

(A profile of the Atlantic’s remarkable turnaround. Published in PaidContent)

“How Facebook beats ad fraud”

(A look at bot-nets and pervasive fraud in online advertising. Published in Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

On culture

“Joining the Locals in Paris’s East”

(A tour of the 20eme arrondisement. Published in the New York Times)

“Are tech firms the new movie villains?”

(A reflection on recent suspicion of the tech industry in popular and literary culture. Published in Gigaom and cited in All Things D’s ‘Voices)

“Blue Jays caps a surprise hit in New York City”

(Toronto baseball chic is big in Harlem. Published in the Toronto Star)

Legal Writing

“Rare US moral right ruling by Seventh Circuit: no protection for Chicago garden”

(A law journal article on copyright’s moral rights doctrine in America; published in the Oxford Journal on Intellectual Property Law and Practice)

“Famous feline Grumpy Cat seeks US trademark”

(A look at who controls the right to the image of Grumpy Cat; published in the UK blog, IP Kat)